Bliss Balls – How Much Sugar Are You Really Consuming?

Bliss balls have been on the scene for a while now and have been a popular choice for the health conscious when it comes to a sweet treat alternative. Over the last couple of years, social media has been flooded with recipes for these delicious little morsels, but it’s only been more recently that we have started to see the balls line our supermarket shelves.

To be able to pick up a packet of these sweet treats saves a lot of time and effort and definitely satisfies the sweet tooth with healthier and less refined ingredients. But how much sugar are we really consuming – even if it is from a healthier source? Should we be having them every day as a snack? Or should they be classed as a healthier treat? Lets take a look…

I took a look at three popular brands on the market, Frooze Balls, Smooshed Wholefood Balls (by Tasti) and Snackaballs (by Tom & Luke). Each brand has different flavours available but I decided to look at each of the brands berry flavours to make it more comparable.

First up, Cranberry Frooze Balls:

Serving per packet:                1 serve = 5 balls
Calories per ball/packet:      65cal / 325cal
Protein per ball/packet:       1.1g / 5.5g
Total fat per ball/packet:     2.4g / 12g
Sat fat per ball/packet:         0.4g / 2g
Carbs per ball/packet:          9g / 45g
Sugar per ball/packet:          6.9g / 34.5g

Teaspoons of sugar per packet:  8.6tsp

Next, Brazen Berry Wholefood Balls by Tasti:

Serving per packet:               2 serves =  6 balls
Calories per ball/packet:      43cal / 256cal
Protein per ball/packet:       0.8g / 4.8g
Total fat per ball/packet:     1.23g / 7.4g
Sat fat per ball/packet:         0.4g / 2.6g
Carbs per ball/packet:          7g / 42.2g
Sugar per ball/packet:          5.5g / 33g

Teaspoons of sugar per packet:  8.25tsp

Lastly, Cranberry & Cashew Snackaballs by Tom & Luke:

Serving per packet:               1 serves =  5 balls
Calories per ball/packet:      52cal / 260cal
Protein per ball/packet:       0.8g / 3.9g
Total fat per ball/packet:     2.2g / 11g
Sat fat per ball/packet:         0.76g / 3.8g
Carbs per ball/packet:          7.6g / 38.3g
Sugar per ball/packet:          6.56g / 32.8g

Teaspoons of sugar per packet:  8.2tsp

The final verdict? Although these products don’t use refined sugars, natural sweeteners like dates and dried berries/fruits still pack a big sugar punch. If you are having a packet of these balls each day as a snack, be wary of other sources of sugar (especially added sugars) you’re consuming throughout the day, as it all adds up quickly! I would keep these balls for “every other day” snacks or for a sweet treat here and there – OR keep the snacking to 2-3 balls instead of the whole packet in one go.

It is also good to know that natural sugars are processed differently in the body and don’t cause a huge spike in sugar levels compared to refined and “empty calorie” sugar snacks. Bliss balls are also a good source of fibre, healthy fats and protein which will also slow the rate of sugar release in the blood stream. Nevertheless, it is still good to know how much sugar – regardless of the type – are in these products, especially for those following low sugar diets, those with diabetes or candida issues.

You can purchase these products in most supermarkets now as well as health food stores.

Links to their websites for more info (and more delicious flavours!):

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